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Sunday, January 30 2011

Coming up in the months ahead I am going to be part of a monthly blog hop with a group of talented designers, the Designer Crafts Connection. We had such a great time participating in the Sizzix Triple Play BlogHop that forty four of us have wanted to continue. Organized by Julie McGuffee and Niki Meiners with Jen Goode creating logo and our technical set up we are almost ready to launch.

Our first challenge was to create a design for the charity auction at the CHA show in Los Angeles. I used some of my favorite products, STYROFOAM TM products and National Nonwovens wool to create a winter angel. Inspired by the winter and my two darling daughters who have left the nest my winter angel was lovingly created.

I have always loved tams since I was a little girl and this winter I have been wearing a soft creamy one so of course my angel needed one too!

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Friday, January 28 2011

Fran here for Fowl Friday! Freda is a little under the weather so is just moi today. She seems to have a bit of the sniffles, a case of Fowlitus. It involves some sneezing, wheezing, whining and overall yuckiness. So she is confined to the nest with a little bell.

Ah the little bell, it is now ringing on average every five minutes! Juice, more tissue, hot water bottle, soup (not chicken of course!) water with lemon, chocolate! (haven't heard that prescribed before!)

Anyway I am being run off my little chicken legs attending to her. Debra is busy so I am on full time duty. Thinking the bell may disappear at her highness nap time!

Till next time! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda! (cough, sniffle, sniffle!)

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Tuesday, January 25 2011

One of the fun things about my work and being on facebook is I never know when I am tagged in a photo what I might be in the photo. When I am tagged by an editor or company I may be an ornament, a pillow or a bunny!

I love wool and felt so much of my work is with these and recently I was tagged in a photo by National Nonwovens. My table runner, pillow and Oliver Owl who have also appeared in Creative Homearts and Crafts 'n Things magazines were in the booth at International Quilt Market in the Xotic felt display. Their Xotic felt made from fifty percent bamboo is so soft and cuts like butter! The colors are so fun and vibrant! Many of my projects are available with instructions on the Homearts site. Have a creative day! Follow the Joy! Debra

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Sunday, January 23 2011

I began this year with three words, love, joy & gratitude to live by. This past week has left me filled with gratitude. Waking each morning in good health and having meaningful purpose I am grateful for. The people in each day have reminded me of how generous the human spirit is.

When we encounter someone or a situation which is made memorable or special, it is always made so by the people involved. A local shop I go to regularly has the friendliest upbeat woman. I commented on her delightful service and she replied, of course I get to serve customers like you! That is how she makes every customer feel. These are the people who make an everyday ordinary moment one to remember throughout the day with a smile. 

Each day is a reason to celebrate this life. Each birthday a reminder of the day we arrived and the world was changed forever. Each of us is here with a purpose and to make a difference in this life. Live it well & with gratitude. Debra

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Friday, January 21 2011

Well it is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! It is of course our favorite day of the week! In fact Freda and I have been discussing our plans for the year. (We hear Debra doing it enough so why not us!) Sooooo we have decided that we need our own holiday Fantastic Fowl Day, or actually Fantastic Fowl Week would work.

For our holiday we envision a parade, all fowl and feather related of course! Our favorite foods served all week with appropriate entertainment. Freda has a secret crush on Big Bird well maybe not so secret. His photo is hanging above her nest covered in chicken lip kisses. (Debra has a great selection of lipstick that Freda sometimes borrows.) So if Big Bird could make an appearance Freda would be happy.

Everyone attending would be wearing a tshirt with our photos on it and fowl shaped balloons for all our peeps. Dancing in the streets, a little funky chicken happening and all eligible roosters welcome! However we do need to keep an eye or two on Freda

remembering what happened last year with the rooster from Cape Breton she met on!  Her tipsy version of "oh what a night" is not to be repeated.

So please support us in our efforts to bring in Fowl Friday week! Have a fabulous week friends! Follow the fowl Fran & Freda!


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Wednesday, January 19 2011

It snowed again last night and is truly a winter wonderland! I walk everyday so hats, gloves and scarves are required wardrobe pieces. When looking through some old family photos I found one of my grandmother as a young woman taken in the winter season.

Inspiration comes from many sources and most often unexpectedly. I looked at the photo of my grandmother so many years ago, a glimpse into her daily life and also to the fashion of the day. Her matching scarf and muff are wonderful. I remember having a muff as a child and loving it. This photo has inspired me to create one. I will peruse my cozy fabrics, perhaps needle felting added details. Off to sketch a design! (well after I check off some of my list for today) Thanks Gram! Have a wonderful creative day! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, January 17 2011

Creativity is a reflection of what comes from inside. Whatever we choose to express in any way sends the world a message of the kind of person we are. These days with self expression being everywhere in the virtual social world and at the touch of a finger you can express yourself.

The instant connection, the sharing and feedback, support received are all good things. Many of us work alone so it allows for a connection, to know more about colleagues we may only see a couple times a year.

What happens also is over time personalities are established through what is expressed both in words and shared visually through photos, links, etc. As we share we are also offering up an energy, our energy into the world. Perhaps a good question to think about is how do we want the world on any level to see us and what do we want to offer of value?

This is a question that I have thought about alot and have realized I wish to inspire creativity in others but also to inspire the spirit. Each of us is a great gift in this life and we are here to share our gifts with the world, to lead a life that is meaningful and rewarding. May this day and everyday be full, rich and inspired! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, January 14 2011

It is Fowl Friday! Our favorite day being the only day we are allowed to say anything. Well we do talk lots according to Debra but Debra also does not seem to listen to much we have to say.

For example there is this supposed Santa character still sitting in the sunroom. We wonder why is he all white, why does he have a squirrel instead of a sack? Is he a squirrel Santa bringing only nuts? Does he carry anything good in his pockets? Does he trip on his robes in the snow? Anyway none of our questions have been answered more like totally ignored!!! If anyone can help with answers we would so appreciate it! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, January 12 2011

I have always loved making dolls and doll clothes. In the Jan/Feb/March issue of Homearts magazine for my Make it Green column I designed this cute clutch bag with coordinating Kokeeshi doll change purse. I was inspired by the hand painted little wooden dolls that originated in 19th century Japan.

In making the project I got to try out Clover's new line of bamboo notions. The handles are easy on the hands with a warm and smooth feel. Clover is constantly coming out with innovative products for the sewer and needle artist. Visiting their booth at the trade shows is always a delight. There are always lots of great demos and the Clover staff so very friendly!

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Monday, January 10 2011

Mondays always feel fresh, a new week of opportunities begins. The to-do list is ready to be tackled and accomplished. Not everything gets checked off but what does is impressive. We should always acknowledge our accomplishments.

Are you creating the life you desire? Often it happens gradually, life slides into patterns or behaviour which do not feel authentic. Don't wait around for the day when you say okay this is it I want to live differently. Everyday is an opportunity. We are creative beings who are blessed with intelligence and will to do whatever we want. We have people who love and support us, who see our best selves even when we don't.

In this new year with all of its new lists, intentions and resolutions choose to find the you in the midst of it all. Choose what truly resonates with you. Begin with one wish and explore how to make it part of your life. Make time, fifteen minutes a day will make a difference.

We are sensual beings, our surroundings affect us often more than we realize. When choosing a new calendar for this year I looked at many. The Zen calendar with beautiful photography and an inspirational word for each month was the one. Each time I see January, a bowl of blossoms in pinks and teal with Serene written across the page I feel calm, touched by the beauty and the message.

Choose moments, breathe and reflect, choose what truly matters to you and live your Joy!

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Saturday, January 08 2011

Sometimes when we are the busiest, deadlines, commitments and overwhelm hits, this is the ideal time to take a break, to recharge, refuel. Filling up the mind and body with a new energy. Often we say "I don't have time" but there is always time. Will an hour taken playing, resting, relaxing, connecting make a difference? Yes it will, you will go back to your commitments with a renewed energy probably accomplishing even more faster.

So take some time for yourself. Instead of frustration just know the universe is sending you a message to stop and breathe or go fly a kite. For in these spaces when the mind is free, happy, relaxed the greatest ideas are born! Do something you love to do! Happy weekend! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, January 07 2011

It is finally Fowl Friday again with Fran & Freda! Happy New Year! With a new year comes the resolutions but of course Debra doesn't do resolutions she has "intentions", words to guide her through this new year. She has been reading "Eat, Pray, Love so now she has words for the new year "Love, Joy, Gratitude."

We are just sticking to the plain old new year resolutions, so here we go! Our resolutions for 2011! Freda did the writing and kind of got off on a Zentangle moment!

Fran & Freda's New Year Resolutions!
1. We will eat organic chicken feed with sugar on top.
2. We will exercise everyday by rolling our eyes at least ten times.
3. We will clean our nest regularly. (Molly Maid has been called)
4. Freda will give up for a month! (I think she switched to Plenty of Feathers anyway! judging from the last rooster that came calling!)
5. We will not "borrow" any more of Debra's clothing for nesting purposes. (Although a laundry basket is just asking to be nested!)
6. We will attempt to be grateful at least once a day but not if the organic chicken feed is on the menu!

There you have it our resolutions for the New Year, we were trying for ten but it is too exhausting! So happy 2011, remember to Follow the Fowl Fran & Freda!

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Thursday, January 06 2011

January is a big month in the Craft, Sewing and Gift industries with several trade shows happening. Many designer and artist friends are busy getting ready for the Atlanta Gift Show next week and the end of the month is the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) show in Los Angeles. Like everyone I have been busy finishing up designs for the show, for one of my client's portfolio.

Terri O who is the national spokesperson for CHA has a new TV show with PBS beginning tomorrow, Super Simple with Terri O! Terri is a bubbly sweet and very talented personality. I is always a treat to catch up with her at the shows. Usually she is wearing something she has created using paint and stencil techniques. Her lifestyle ideas are fun and easy and she has a great monthly newsletter.

The Sizzix Blog Hop group which consists of sixty designers and artists have decided to continue as a group. We had a great time working together so we will be shortly announcing our new group effort with monthly challenges.

Kathy Petersen is one of the most inspiring people in the industry and she is off on a speaking tour this year. Kathy and Barb's blog Crafting for Health shares personal and touching stories of how crafting has benefited people's lives. Kathy will be talking about creativity. She is a very busy woman but always takes the time each day to comment on my personal quote for the day.

2011 has begun, there is promise in the air. Dreams are fulfilled by the intentions and actions of each day. Create the life you desire, be inspired! I am reading Eat Pray Love and Happiness Project. I have chosen Love, Joy and Gratitude as my three words for 2011. To a new year, the adventure begins! Follow the Joy! Debra, CEO!


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Monday, January 03 2011

This Christmas several of the special gifts exchanged between my daughters and myself were handmade. My older daughter attends a creative festival each summer which involves costumes so I bought her a handmade tutu from a delightful mother and daughter at a local show. Watching her open the box with a flurry of tulle cascading out was such fun! She loved it!

Amanda gave Kate a beautiful handmade hammock which folds up into bag. The hammock is made by a local artist Cory Richardson known as Max, who calls them Hanging Hugs. All of the proceeds from the hammocks go to providing sleeping hammocks in Uganda. His story is an interesting one, you can read about this young social activist on his website. Here is Kate wearing her hammock!

Gifts chosen were thoughtful and handmade are even more special. Both girls went home from the holidays as always with a piece of my heart and gifts created with love! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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