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Sunday, July 26 2009

Packed and ready to head out tomorrow for CHA Craft & Hobby Show in Orlando, Florida. It is always a last minute rush getting everything finished up but also exciting! I realized though just launching my new site and blog I would like to update from show. So my youngest sold me her IPod Touch for a fair deal and upgraded to one to hold more music. She very kindly added Facebook, Twitter, Mail and pictures for me. Gave me a crash course in the logistics, hopefully I can remember it all. Now I have large fingers so my typing is really slow so the posts may be very short but will be  from the show floor!

Fran & Freda finished packing early of course, how much does a chicken need anyway! I get back on Friday early enough for them to post all the scoop from the show for Fowl Friday!

So off to the show I go!
Debra CEO!

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Friday, July 24 2009

Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Who are these chicks? Well one of them is no "spring chicken" but both are definitely "grade A"! Turn offs being cooped up, and anything too corny so I will stop with that and let them take over.

Fran here, Freda being the "spring chicken" that she is also thinks she can dance. She is a huge fan of the show "So You think You Can Dance" but she can't. Chicken legs do not a dancer make and just because you are wearing Xotic felt does not mean you look good wrapped around a pole either! She is still suffering from spring fever & her first attempts at online dating at One wink from a Rhode Island rooster and she is ready to feather dust his coop. Me I tend to be more of a Chicken Little type, I like to do things for myself and raised my whole brood on my own. Enough about us, we want you to meet some of our very cool peeps. Our first post has to be dedicated to the original peeps, available at Easter time for more than fifty years their popularity has created a whole culture "Peepology." Who would have thought a blob of bright yellow marshmallow would have such an impact on the world. Enough peeps are sold every year to circle the earth! Personally we never met a peep we didn't like and during the danger season many take refuge in our coop, the smell can be overpoweringly sweet and a hot day creates a sticky situation but their gratitude is well worth it. Next week we are away at the CHA show in Orlando. Excited, slightly nervous strutting our stuff at the Designer Showcase and staying next to Sea World, (sharks, gulp). We will have lots of exciting news from the show to share on our next Fowl Friday! Fran & Freda

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Thursday, July 23 2009

Thanks to everyone who visited my new site and sent very encouraging emails. Much appreciated! So today Thrifty Thursday is compliments of my daughters closet cleanout and my confiscation of a crop of cute tanks and tshirts! (My daughters believe I am addicted to alliteration, so this is for them!) The tote is fully lined so I used in total 1 Tank for straps and pocket, bottom cut from Tshirt and 2 tanks with 1 used for lining. It makes for a very soft and comfy bag! It will be travelling to Orlando with me on Sunday for the CHA summer tradeshow. I am exhibiting in the Designer Showcase Wednesday which is open to EPM's, editors, publishers and manufacturers. So off to get gorgeous or rather a new do! Gorgeous these days after a studio marathon of design frenzy means getting out of the sweats and into something that has actual structure like jeans & a jacket.

While we were at the cottage for a week saw this fun Tshirt graphic outside a shop, couldn't resist! Of course my darling daughters pointed it out!

Till tomorrow creative types when Fran & Freda make their debut and first post! Those chicks who knows will be fun I am sure! Keep creating! Debra CEO!


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Wednesday, July 22 2009

Welcome to my New Home on the Web! Thank you so much for visiting! It is a work in progress and will always be but I am pleased with how much I have accomplished in getting it ready enough to launch before summer CHA, Craft & Hobby tradeshow in Orlando which is next week!

I love being part of a creative community, connecting with so many talented and amazing people whom I admire and am honored to know, to be working with great companies and sharing my designs with a passionate crafting audience!

When you visit the virtual coffee pot will be on with warm delicious muffins fresh from the virtual oven. I promise good company, fun filled craftiness and inspiration!

"We travel but once this way, may our path be filled with treasured times and cherished moments, may JOY dance through your days! Such is our destiny to gaze at the world always with excitement, compassion and infinite wisdom." Debra, CEO!

Till tomorrow Thrifty Thursday, recycling fun & look out Friday there are a couple of sassy new chicks in town, Fran & Frieda. Talk about twitter & peep culture these chicks know it all! plus they have great fashion sense or they think so!



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