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Sunday, June 03 2012

(photo courtesy of Fredericton SPCA)

What do we believe in, it is a question we inherently know the answer to but sometimes we have not put it into the specific words or statement we are looking for. Lately I have been trying to find clarity on what my artistic vision is, what I truly do believe.

This weekend I did the decorating once again for the Chickadee Cat Club's ACFA Cat Show. I also was delighted to do the decorating for one of the SPCA's cats Tiny, you can follow his story on FB, Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge. The Theme of the show is "Cats, the Mewsical" so I decorated Tiny's cage to resemble a stage with the dapper Tiny as the star!

Tiny was dropped off at the SPCA animal shelter in the middle of winter in a taped up wine box. He weighed 30 lbs, so overweight he could not move. He has been fostered by the sweetest woman Nancy and on a special diet has now lost 8 lbs! At 22 lbs he can now even run!

Seeing the people and their love of animals, supporting worthwhile causes that benefit all of our local animal organizations this weekend has touched my heart.

What do I believe, I do believe in my artistic statement "Inspiring the Joy of Creativity" in whatever I do I wish to inspire other people to create, to find joy in their personal creativity and in the creativity of those around them.

Creativity is not just found in areas people associate with being creative like sewing, crafting or painting but it is found in how we daily create our lives. How we live crafting a way to a life that brings us joy, to what we do, to what we surround ourselves with, what we give and what we share. Creativity is a way of life and a gift inherent in all of us for we are meant to live inspired, to live creatively and to live with JOY! Be  "Inspired with the JOY of Creativity!"

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Wednesday, February 17 2010

Love is intangible and yet affects every moment of our lives, enduring beyond the lives of those we cherish. Many, many years ago, I believe it was my grandfather, a young handsome robust man who gave my grandmother, a sweet tiny girl, a beautiful Valentine cookie. She kept it wrapped and placed in her hope chest. That cookie is a remembrance of love that endured and of our family history. To begin and end in love is all we can want of this life, for love endures and keeps us alive forever in the minds and hearts of those who follow. May the legacy we leave be one of love.

This weekend my daughter and I are participating in an event that is also close to my heart. Six local animal groups are joining together and having a bowl-a-thon fundraiser. These groups perform many services to protect our local animals and raise awareness of what is needed. Every life has meaning and deserves to live not to just survive.

Always follow your heart! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, November 10 2009

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, here at home everything closes down to honor all those lost and those who serve. Almost everyone wears a poppy and has been for the past week or more. "In Flanders Field the poppies grow between the crosses row on row", so many wars and so many lives have suffered and lost. We are all bound by the inhumanity of war and have been touched deeply. There are many views but what is most important and basic beyond all of that is the profound humanity of it all, the people who serve, who have suffered, who have perished in any war have been and are loved and cherished, leave families and loved ones. That is all that truly matters, the hearts that are touched and the lives changed.

We can give our gratitude, our support to live with integrity and promote understanding, to honor always every human life. To remember what an amazing gift life is and that love makes all things bearable and possible connecting each of us hand to hand, heart to heart! Remembering always, a poppy lays close to my heart. Debra

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Tuesday, September 22 2009

Today I opened my email to a message from the local cat club with a story I am meant to share. I live in Atlantic Canada in New Brunswick, part of three very small provinces beyond Ontario. Nestea like many companies, which are encouraging and rewarding worthwhile causes and people  is running a contest "Release the Goodness". The finalist stories receive a prize of $5000. There is a story from Atlantic Canada that has made the finalists. If it wins Karen, it is her story "Helping Elderly Gentleman" is giving the money to our local animal shelter, the Fredericton SPCA which like every shelter could greatly use this gift.

Karen's story touched me deeply and raised questions to really think about. Her story took place in the US while travelling. You can read in full on the site and only takes a few seconds to register to vote. She and her husband were on a flight and an elderly gentleman had an embarrassing situation. Noone else including the attendants offered to help. Karen offered assistance and took the gentleman, aged 94 to the Executive washroom and cared for him. I was reminded of my mother and this type of situation was one of her biggest fears to have happen to be embarrassed in that way. This was a stranger reaching out in a situation that was not easy. I asked myself the question, would I respond as Karen did or as the rest of the passengers did? How would you respond?

I am comfortable with seniors and different situations, I have had kids and pets. I believe I am the kind of friend and person that can be counted on in any situation. I believe in that moment my answer would have been yes and say I would have helped him as well. Karen truly knows the kind of person she is, she made a difference in someone's life and  in many others with her one act of true kindness. Please vote and enable this act of kindness to continue.

Bernie Berlin is another person I know who puts herself above and beyond in her caring for animals in her shelter, A Place to Bark." Her main help Jeff suffered a serious car accident recently and is going to be awhile recovering.

To live in a world where there are many people who care and act to make a difference is both inspiring and humbling. We walk this way but once, each footprint matters. Who we touch in each day ripples outwards. I choose JOY for I see the innate goodness of the world around me. Each of us has a gift to share lovingly in this life and to pass it on.

Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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