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Monday, October 31 2011

Happy Boo Day! To decorated spaces and haunted places, to dressing up and make believe, cute wee witches and little ghosts may you have a fun fillled delicious  treat of a day! Debra

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Friday, October 28 2011

It is Fowl Friday! A little late but we are here Fran & Freda! Freda had a late night, not saying but caught her surfing "" again! Could be trouble ahead as she also has a bottle of red wine hidden away in her corner of the nest!

Well Debra is a busy gal these days getting ready for all kinds of events. We now have downsized as the girls left the nest last year. (Happy Birthday to Amanda!) Soooo a five room apartment as nice and spacious as it may be is not the same as a two story house with an oversize garage! Storage is an issue, we know, our nest is crammed into a corner under a chair! Debra is now storing things everywhere kind of like a large um tall demented squirrel!

Laundry is done once a week so the rest of the week it becomes another possiblity for a storage area. This is how our washer looks six days of the week, can we say "stuffed"! We are hosting our own version of "Storage Wars". Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, October 26 2011

It is the season for spooktacular creations! STYROFOAM brand foam lends itself to all kinds of delightfully scary projects, quick and easy to make. This group of whimsical characters by Plaid Crafts are ideal for decking the ghoulish halls! A ball and a cone shape, so many combinations!

(photo courtesy of Plaid Crafts)

A new magazine has just been released. I haven't seen it yet but the snippets I have seen are gorgeous projects combining sewing and crafting, two of my top favorites! Look for inspiration in Stitch Craft Create. The creative life is an inspired one! Be inspired today and follow the JOY of Creativity! Debra

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Monday, October 24 2011
It was a whirlwind weekend filled with creativity. Creativity is defined as
the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: (
 From the Roller Derby Fashion Parade at my daughter's game, my other daughter's delightful and delicious cupcakes and the kids crafty camp afternoon creativity was overflowing. Fishnets to tutus and every combination of animal print possible the Roller Derby gals and many fans were rocking some wild style! I "tricked out" a Capitol City Roller's T with glitter, gems and a new off the shoulder neckline and a "Derby Mom" logo on the back.
My kitchen hosted a full day of yummy and fragrant aromas as "The Enchanted Cupcake by Kate" baked up delicious speciality cupcakes, Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Dream and Lemon Locks. The delicate frosting looked like roses as Kate piped a mix of two colors together.
Sunday afternoon was more t shirt and costume fun with my kid's crafty camp. They are delightful and there was paint and glitter everywhere. I showed them how to stamp, stencil and screen print with fabric paints. The screen printing was their favorite. Using a piece of sheer curtain fabric under plastic or adhesive stencils securely taped down worked really well. A line of paint was added across top of stencil and pulled across stencil with a credit card. This was their favorite technique. Their enthusiasm and confidence in their design approach is wonderful. I am always re-inspired after a day with the kids.
Now a new week begins and more crafty goodness is coming up. Fresh Vintage Blog Hop with more new dies by Eileen Hull for Sizzix on Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday I have another creative class, sewing up some whimsical holiday ornaments. I have the best students, class is always fun and full of wonderful designs. The more my students create the more ideas flow for something else. Last week they created some pretty holiday cards, the tree themed ones very festive with a whimsical touch!
 What I have learned is creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. Slumps, blocks happen but just diving in with something simple like a few markers and a journal, just playing for awhile will be very beneficial to mind, body and spirit. How do you handle a creative slump, just leave a comment with some of your ideas for kick starting creativity. Debra, Inspiring the JOY of Creativity!
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Friday, October 21 2011

It is about time for Fowl Friday! Debra has ignored us lately. We have kept busy though, Freda and myself have been decking out our nest for the big night, Halloween! Debra has her ideas of how we should display for Halloween see immediately below. How booooring!

We meanwhile tagged along to the local dollar store up the street and with our meager allowance we were able to score big time! See below below, now that screams Halloween, don't you think? Voting is welcome, especially Fran & Freda fans, these chicken lips are smiling peeps! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!

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Thursday, October 20 2011

The time before Halloween is passing quickly. I am teaching a fun kid's workshop this Sunday where we will be making costumes, fabric painting and glittering of course!

There are so many cute, scary fabulous decorations easily concocted with STYROFOAM Brand Foam.  I decided to make a few pumpkins. I had picked up some soft pumpkin shaded corduroy and brown polka dot. I took a 6" foam ball cut off a thin slice from both the top and bottom. The corduroy is wrapped around ball leaving a 1" overlap and enough on either end to meet in center. Trim off excess. Glue the overlap first and then fold fabric over both ends gluing.

Make hole in center top of pumpkin. Roll a 4" by 10" strip of brown polka dot around a 5" piece of narrow dowel. Glue dowel 1" bare end into top of pumpkin. Cut a leaf shape out of green felt to glue to top. Tie on some raffia or yarn. Add a rusty leaf and you have a pumpkin! So quick and easy you can make a whole pumpkin patch! (I orginally added to the bottom a flat piece of fabric covered cardboard but it isn't needed unless you cut your fabric too short!)

I added silk leaves and made a few pumpkins to use as a centerpiece for our Canadian Thanksgiving. Smaller ones would make a take home favor after being used as a place setting marker. Just add a name tag to the stem. Always follow the JOY of Creativity! Debra

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Tuesday, October 18 2011

Today and Thursday and for the following couple weeks until November 3rd, the Fresh Vintage Blog Hop continues with a new die line by Eileen Hull for Sizzix. One of my favorite dies from the collection is the dimensional bird. Sharon Currier of Crafts n Coffee designed the cutest wedding cake with the birds as a bride and groom topper. Want some inspiration, check out the creations by the industry's top designers! Follow the JOY of Creativity always! Debra

(photo courtesy of Crafts n Coffee)

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Monday, October 17 2011

Just a reminder of the DCC Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop for October featuring Westcott Brand Cutting Tools. Many of the designer projects are up for auction with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, please check them out, there are so many cool designs! The give away of a large assortment of their awesome tools is ongoing. You have the rest of the month to enter just by leaving a comment on their blog post

This month I started teaching some craft and sewing classes and workshops. Next weekend is spooky fuin with the kids, making costumes, using fabric paints, glitter and lots of glue! In the Thursday eveniing class two of my students, best friends were very pleased with their Holiday centerpieces. I provide the guidance and illustrate some techniques along the way. Once the students were immersed in the project their unique creativity began to shine. They were so pleased with their finished design, that makes teaching so rewarding when someone who does not believe they are creative leaves at the end of class knowing "I can do that!"

This week's class is card making, we will be embossing, stamping, glittering, using die cuts and embellishing to create four to six cards. There is still room in the class if you live locally and want to make some cards for the holidays coming up! Keep creating! Debra

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Saturday, October 15 2011

I spend time on the weekends wandering around my town Fredericton, NB, I love the historic homes, tree lined streets and there is always something happening in this creative hub. I had to redefine my mode of travel as my daughters have threatened me about using the word walk all the time so I now will "wander" on the weekends!

This weekend was the Elm City Quilt Guild's Annual Show at the historic St. Paul's Church with its high ceilings and balcony provided the perfect backdrop for the stunning display of quilts, wall hangings, wearables and bags.

On my way to the church there is an elegant array of ghosts, bats and tombstones in keeping with the stately home they occupy.

The quilts were arranged in themed areas and tastefully accessorized which added to the overall warm, tasteful ambience. The tea room was decorated with a clothesline filled with bright cheery pieced, patterned placemats.

Upstairs were some quilt supply vendors. I was so pleased to a see a friend Gerri Richards of Cool Craft Creations up from Saint John. Her lovely line of bag and purse patterns are bold, bright and make a dramatic fashoin statement. Congratualtions to the Em City Quilt Guild for an inspiring,

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Wednesday, October 12 2011
We hop with the Sizzix Fresh Vintage Die Blog Hop featuring Dies designed by Eilleen Hull. Today's hop, the Wrapped Flower Die Visit the Oh My Crafts Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a die. Visit today only (10/13/11) and receive 25% off all Eileen Hull dies. Promo Code: SZEH25. (This offer excludes Outlet items and can't be combined with any other discounts.) Follow the Fresh Vintage Blutton in the right side bar to view all of the wonderful projects created by talented designers.

Vintage Slipper with Wee Mousekin
Along with the Wrapped Flower Die Eileen sent me some doughnut Katiedid components  by the very talented Katie Hacker to use in my design. I wanted to incorporate also one of my very favorite techniques in the design as well, needle felting wee creatures.

I was inspired by some lace I found in my stash and a bag of broken pearl necklaces I picked up at the flea market this past weekend. The pearls are a range of gorgeous vintage hues. Not being a jewelry designer Katiedid components were great as I could glue broken pieces of pearl necklace into the doughnut components. The slipper is a version of the fun shoe I made at a Make and Take at Summer CHA at the Tombow booth with designer friend Marie Browning.

Eileen asked us to think outside the box with using the die in other ways, to show how versatile the die is. I used it to create a flower, layers of paper, lace and felt. I also used the pieces to make the double layer hat, collar and dress for my wee Mousekin. The scalloped pieces were perfect for the outfit.

The Tools                                           The Materials
Wrapped Flower Die                        Ivory Lace, Pearls, Ribbon, Buttons
Sizzix Big Shot                        National NonWovens Ivory Felt, Nat Wool
Katiedid Doughnut Components         STYROFOAM TM Egg                    
Westcott Brand Non Stick Scissors     Ivory, Tan Cardstock & Paper
Clover Pen Needle Tool                    Adhesive

Making the slipper, tan cardstock covered with lace.
Create the flower as shown in die instructions. Add pearl filled Katiedid doughnut to center of flower. Flower is glued to show front.
Finish decorating slipper with ribbons, buttons, pearls and second component. Add a rolled note as second option to give as a gift. Create mouse by following Needle Felting techniques here. Layer flower lace and felt flower pieces to make hat and dress. Add pearls and ribbon.
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Tuesday, October 11 2011

Today the Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop, check out all the fabuous designs by talented designers using Eileen Hull's new die collection! I join the hop Thursday.

I have decided to try a new technique at least once a week. I have loved Sue Pelletier's beautiful collage work incorporating dresses and plaster. I purchased a plaster of paris children's handprint kit. The tray was perfect for mixing the plaster in making it thinner than the instructions called for. I mixed it into a gravy thickness (is Thanksgiving here in Canada so gravy has been simmering here!) to dip in my little dress.

First I prepared and collaged the canvas leaving it to dry. I sewed up a little dress front with some muslin and lace. It did not need to have closures or back with being applied to the canvas. I sewed a tiny apron to add along with lace sleeves and collar.

I mixed up half of the plaster and dipped in the dress applying it to the flat canvas arranging the folds. I then dipped and added the sleeves, collar and apron.

Then I just had fun mixing up shades of thinned acrylics and painting the dress. I added more plaster to the canvas adding buttons and measuring tape sections with a heart that says simply "she sews" because that is what I do. Preserving a sewing project this way felt special. It is still drying and I will seal it to hang on my studio wall. Try plastering a doll outfit or baby dress, add some photos or momentos, even the handprint. Make a memory! Keep creating Debra!

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Monday, October 10 2011

Happy Monday! A very full creative week ahead! This Tuesday and Thursday the Fresh Vintage Blog Hop is on with another group of talented designers. I am taking part in Thursday's Hop with a new flower die designed by Eileen Hull for Sizzix. These hops are so inspiring and have really stretched my creative design skills.

This Thursday the 13th I begin my Holiday Crafting Classes locally, the details are here. The classes run four weeks with each week filled with different techniques and finished project. The first class is a vintage trunk centerpiece with antiquing, embossing, inking, flower making and paper sewing techniques. There are still spaces available, email

Creativity is beneficial to our health and well being, it is both relaxing and rewarding plus in my classes get a jump on Christmas decorating and gift giving! It is an experience shared with others all involved in the creative process. There is something remarkable that happens as you take raw materials and transform them, it is about the whole process, the journey ending with a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful. Each person finds their voice, their style and in the applied techniques, fun exploration find their own unique creativiity! Anything is possible. Remember to always follow the Joy of Creativity, Debra!


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Friday, October 07 2011

It is our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We have been blessed this week to have had most of our family and close friends come together for a very special event, the official opening of the Quartermain Earth Science Center.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Gleaner, full story here

My brother is a wonderful, generous man who has given back to the University and his home which means so much to him. As I listened to him speak from his heart, I could not have been more proud and filled with love. To my brother, my friend thank you for what you have given and to the difference you make and continue to in this world, with love. Deb

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Wednesday, October 05 2011

On the weekend there was a local craft show filled with great food, art and crafts. Near me were a couple of young artists who made a statement with their art, their display and their style! Kent Jensen "a commision based designer with a flair for helping you to stand out from the crowd." His surface embellishment and contemporary playful design make his ties, scarves, cards and fashion pieces both unique and appealing! I loved his outfit with his tie pinned with a kilt pin. I see a new trend! Kent teaches at the NB Craft College of Craft and Design.

Across from Kent was a lovely young woman Amanda Gollinger of Simply Chic Jewelry. Her display was striking with shades of teal and chocolate brown. Her cute gift boxes in teal and brown reminded me of classic Tiffany boxes. Her mannequins all dressed beautifully accented the jewelry perfectly. Kent and Amanda are both passionate about what they do, their attitude when interacting with customers at the show was so engaging and inspiiring. It is all about doing what you love, creating what resonates with your heart and spirit!


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Monday, October 03 2011

The colors of fall are a rich crimson array of shades and hues, swirling leaves and crisp lively days. The color of October is also pink, Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month's Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop is sponsored by  Westcott BrandŽ Cutting Tools. We were challenged to use Westcott Brand pink tools in creating a design incorporating
Duck BrandŽ Duct Tape and VELCROŽ Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners . Westcott titanium steel non-stick scissors are ideal when working with adhesive products.

Several of the designers involved in the hop have donated their projects to be auctioned off with Charity Wings for the Breasr Cancer Awarenss Foundation, Westcott Brand has a fabulous giveaway for DCC blog hoppers, A Deluxe wonderful designs for a great cause. Please check it out.                    

Assortment of Westcott Cutting Tools (assortment may vary, US Residents only). All you have to do to be eligible to enter is comment on the DCC Blog Hop Post prior to November 1st. You can also visit Westcott Brand on Facebook. 

Now for the design! There is a Wild Gal in every woman and inspired by the Duck Brand hot pink zebra print I created a ruffled belt and pin. I was travelling while creating this design and it was a very portable project to work on. Westcott Brand Scissors, a roll of Pink Duck Brand Tape and a Roll of Zebra Print, Velcro Brand Closures.

How to:
Outer Flower- With adhesives sides of duck tape rolls facing and aligned begin rolling together. Measure and cut 3'. Begin snipping along strip to 1/4". Roll. Use a 1" circle of tape to adhere bottom of flower.
Inner Flower- Repeat as for outer flower rolling tape together for an 18" length. Fold in half lengthwise. Begin snipping through layers at fold to 1/4".

Finish snipping length and then roll for center of flower. Insert in center of outer flower adhering with Velcro Brand dots. Affix a pin back to end of outer flower. 

Belt instructions to follow tomorrow, now get hopping with our DCC button in the right sidebar and see all of the amazing projects created using Westcott BrandŽ Cutting Tools

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