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Monday, 04 August 2014

Every month a group of very talented professional CHA craft designers host a blog hop, the DCC Designer Crafts Connection. This month's theme is Crafting with School Supplies. I love and design with felt all the time which is a definite school supply staple!

My other fun design work is with Doll Diaries as Kunin Felt is one of the major sponsors of Camp Doll Diaries this summer. I have been creating a wardrobe of fun, fast& fab fashions for my 18" doll McKayla. With back to school not far off I decided to design a cute backpack for McKayla from the tyedye Printzfelt. Super simple!


You will need:
9" x 12" craft cut Kunin Printzfelt, 1 60's TyeDye.
1/2 yd ribbon
Fabri-tac adhesive by Beacon Adhesives
3 buttons by Buttons Galore
1 Hook and loop round fastener by Velcro
Ruler, marker, scissors

1. Mark wrong side of felt at center lengthwise. Mark lines at 4" from bottom and 2 1/2" from top. Angle ruler and mark top corners.

2. Fold wrong side out on center fold, finger press. Cut off top corners on lines.

3. Fold up bottom on second line and finger press. Fold top down on line and finger press.

4. Unfold piece and refold center with tyedye pattern out. Glue open edges shut.


5. Cut two 7" pieces of ribbon.

5. Fold bottom up along pressed line. Glue sides shut, inserting ribbon ends into top of either side before gluing shut.

6. Fold top down along finger pressed line. With hook and loop pieces fastened together adhere to center of upper edge of bottom inside and corresponding top inside.

7. Glue buttons to center of front as shown. Flip backpack over and glue ribbon ends to bottom corners.

Since the backpack turned out so cute I decided to fold another piece of tyedye felt and make McKayla a cute skirt. The felt is a perfect size to fit around the 18" doll, less measuring or cutting! Catch that tutorial coming up on the Doll Diaries blog!

Hop on the DCC button to discover great DIY crafty school supply inspired designs!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy creating!


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Monday, 07 July 2014

The first Monday of the month we hop with the Designer Crafts Connection! This month's theme is Celebrations. This past week both Canada and the US celebrated on the 1st for Canada and of course July 4th Independence Day! With friends and guests celebrating the 4th I created a super quick easy and inexpensive table runner and napkin rings. made from felt rectangles it can be made to fit any table length just by adding more pieces.

You will need:
9" x 12" Craftcuts of Kunin Classicfelt in Red, White and Blue
Star Diecut by Sizzix
Red, white, blue buttons by Buttons Galore
Fabri-tac Adhesive by Beacon Adhesives
3 yards striped ribbon
Scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, Sizzix Bigshot

How to:
1. Cut felt cuts in half 9" by 6" pieces. Place side by side in red, white, blue pattern, repeat. Cut ribbon in 6" strips and glue to hold pieces of felt together.
2. Die cut stars from white felt and glue to red, blue center sections.
3. Cut a 2" by 7" strip for each napkin ring.
4. Glue strip of ribbon down center of each ring.
5. Overlap ends 1/4" and glue to make a napkin ring.

The same runner can be easily created for other holidays using different colors of felt, red and green for the Christmas holidays, pastels for Easter or maybe green and white for St. Patrick's Day! Keep the celebration going by hopping with the button in the sidebar!


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Monday, 02 June 2014

It is the first Monday of June and we are hopping with the Designer Crafts Connection! This month's theme is Handmade gifts, a very special and personal way to show someone you care.

The heart is my favourite icon and felt my material of choice, I combined the two to create a special graduation Heart felt keepsake card for a close friend's daughter. I wanted to incorporate some inspirational quotes into the inside. I used Craft Attitude film to print out the quotes for the inside of the card.

You will need:
9" x 12" Craftcuts of Kunin Rainbow Classicfelt, 1 White, 1 Fuchsia and 1 Printzfelt.
Fabri-tac glue by Beacon Adhesives
Craft Attitude Film for fabric, 1 sheet.
Embellishments, charm, stick on pearls.
1 Hook and loop closure.
Scissors, rotary cutter and mat, embroidery floss and needle, glue stick.

1. Cut from Printzfelt a 7" by 12" piece for envelope. Cut a 3" heart from Fuchsia piece. Cut a 6" by 11" piece from white felt for inside of envelope.
2. Fold Printzfelt piece 4" over to create bottom of envelope, fold the top piece over 3" to create top of envelope. Flip over to position heart in center of piece and glue heart leaving edge of heart open. With floss embroider a blanket stitch around heart. Add stitching along both ends.
3. Print out inspirational quotes on Craft Attitude film in one column to fit white felt piece. Adhere and trim.
4. Glue white felt piece to back of Printzfelt. Embellish.
5. Embellish front of envelope. Fold envelope again and adhere hook and loop closure where the two pieces overlap.

A special gift card with a meaningful message in only a few minutes! Enjoy more crafty handmades by hopping along with our DCC blog hop button!

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Monday, 05 May 2014

The first Monday of the month the DCC, Designers' Craft Connection Blog Hop shares creative projects from a group of talented designers. This month our theme is flowers, I am sharing a project from the archives that I designed for Creative Homearts magazine a few years ago. It is one of my favourites and especially appropriate because this past weekend was my first in the garden. There may still be a bank of snow in the back yard but there are also tiny green shoots everywhere and the crocus are dotting the garden! Yay, it is finally spring!

One of the easiest flowers I like to make are these ruffled ones on the garden gloves. So simple and quick. Here's how! Take strips of fabric, 3", 4", 5" widths by 12"-18" lengths. Press in half right sides out. Sew a straight stitch along the raw edges with a strong thread like upholstery or quilting. Pull the stitches and the strip will begin to gather and curl into a circular shape. Take a few stitches to hold shape, add button to center.  Add a second narrower ruffle on top for a layered flower.

Gathered strips of 6" by 36" are added to a plain square pillow to make a large flower to add to springtime decor. Always nice to freshen up a space with some new pillows, a colorful throw rug and fresh flowers.

Check out all the other designers flower inspired projects. Just hop along with the button in the sidebar.
Happy creating!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Craft Attitude! When Jonathan Fong asked me to participate in a Mother's Day blog hop using Craft Attitude transparent film I was very excited! Jonathan is a sweetheart and it is an awesome product! I have had this piece of vintage fabric for several years and finally I got to use it. I also wanted to try Craft Attitude with felt. Most of all I wanted to make something to celebrate two very special women who are dear to my heart.


My Grandmother and Great Aunt were remarkable women. My grandmother raised five children along with working at my Grandfather's several businesses. Three of the four boys were haemophiliacs and one also a severe diabetic. She saw them through many crisis all the while working on the chicken farm, at the canning factory and later the woollen shop. My Great Aunt never married and was the book keeper for the Ganong Candy Factory for fifty years.

Both were gracious, kind, hard working, patient and so loving. I have many wonderful memories and many are centered around the kitchen. I made this apron to have those memories close and be reminded as I now become a grandmother to create those same kind of memories.

If you don't sew you can take any purchased or vintage apron and add the medallion and button on pocket with a fabric glue. Here's how!

You will need for Pocket and Medallion:
1/2 yard of fabric
9" x 12" Craft cut of Kunin ClassicFelt, 1 Ivory
1 sheet of Shoe Attitude TM
Glue stick
Fabri-tac Glue TM by Beacon Adhesives
1/2" Buttons, 2 Ivory
Needle, Thread, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat, Printer, Iron, Ironing Board


1. Cut from fabric, four 9" by 11" pieces for pocket and cut one 3" by 24" piece for medallion ruffle.
2. Press short ends of strip piece under 1/2". Press strip in half as shown.
3. Sew a gathering stitch along raw edge of strip. Set aside leaving needle attached.

4. Following manufacturer's instructions print images onto film.
5. Cut around images and glue to felt. I have to admit to a craft fail at this point. I glued the wrong side of the film as you can see in the photo below, shiny side down not up!
6. Use rotary cutter to cut images from felt with a 1/8" border. Cut carefully around 4" circle image for medallion. (Tip: If medallion is smaller or larger add or subtract 6" of fabric for each 1" of medallion circle size.)

7. To finish medallion: Pull stitches to ruffle strip fit around medallion 1/4" in from outer edge. Adjust gathers and glue with Fabri-tac.
8. To finish pocket: Right sides together place pieces in pairs, glue or sew around three sides for both pairs. Turn right sides out.
9. Fold open end under 1/2". Glue or stitch closed.
10. Fold ends over 2" on each piece, glue or stitch in place. Glue pocket pieces together with folded over ends out.
11. Choose one side as front and glue felt image pieces side by side. Add embellishments of desired.
12. Sew buttons in corners and sew through to apron. Stitch medallion to apron front. (You could also use hook and loop fasteners for easy removal before laundering.

Thank you Gram and Aunt Anna for being the best role models and leaving your legacy of love! Check out the other great Mother's Day projects with Craft Attitude!


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