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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Well Miss Bernice B did not win but she placed well and is moving onward and upward! Thank you to everyone who voted for her, very much appreciated! She is moving on as Easter is right around the corner and every Easter basket not only needs a bunny or chick but a duck of course! Back by popular demand!

Meet Miss Bernice B! Wearing her best bow and a flower in her hair she is has returned from the Favecrafts Best Blogger 2015 Contest. Miss Bernie comes from a proud lineage, on her father's side, a good solid foundation Floracraft and on her mother's side, her pretty and soft good looks, Bernat. They met at a big event hosted by Prime Publishing and it was love at first sight. They became inseparable thanks to Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue.


Want a little Miss B of your own? Here's how!
You will need:
Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn Gold (1 Skein will make several ducks)
Styrofoam Brand Foam: 4", 6" balls
9" x 12" Kunin Prestofelt Craftcut Copper Canyon
2-12mm Black Beads
1-12" x 1/4" Dowel
1/2 yard craft ribbon
Flower embellishment
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue
Printable Pattern

1. Begin at center end of ball, glue and wrap yarn.
Continue until ball is completely covered. Repeat for second ball.

2. Cut dowel into 3 equal pieces. Insert one piece of dowel between the two
balls using the Turbo Tacky glue.

3. Print out pattern. Draw pattern onto paper backing of Prestofelt.
Cut out each piece.

4. For legs wrap dowels with yarn leaving a 1/2" at one end. Glue at both ends.
5. Peel off backing of felt wing. Place the yarn back and forth across the adhesive
back of the felt. Trim yarn. Repeat for second wing.

6. Peel backing off of both beak pieces. Place a small amount of yarn in center
of one beak piece for stuffing. Place adhesive sides together around edges.
Press to face, adhesive on felt with adhere to face. Insert beads on either side of
of beak pressing into face. Glue on place.

7. Trim top of wings off and glue to either side of body as shown.
8. Peel backing off feet pieces and press together. Glue to ends
of dowel. Insert opposite ends of dowels into body.
9. Cut a 12" and 3"piece of yarn. Fold the 12" piece back and forth three times.
Wrap 3" piece around one end and tie. Trim ends. Glue to duck back for
tail. Tie on bow and add flower.

Bernice was excited to be part of the contest, she practiced her talent, not sure pond diving is going to do it for her and the swimsuit portion well you have seen her figure. However she is cute, sassy and confident, what more can a duck be!

Thank you to Prime Publishing for the opportunity and to all the wonderful manufacturers who provided great product.

Thank you for stopping by! I truly appreciate it! Thank you too for those who voted for Miss Bernice! Now on to Easter crafting!


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Friday, 06 February 2015

Belonging to the DCC, Designer Crafts Connection, a group of professional international designers/bloggers offers creative and fun challenges. This month Offray Ribbon sent each of us a selection of colorful ribbons, mine were red, white and blue! With Valentine's next week and a new heart die, my design had to include hearts. Now to showcase the pretty ribbon with an interesting technique. I came home from CHA with a stack of Aleeene's Adhesive sheets. They would adhere the ribbon very nicely and die cut easily. I was inspired to design a 9 patch no sew wall hanging. Play time! By placing strips of ribbon at different angles and combinations on the adhesive sheets, patchwork hearts. Felt makes a perfect material for the wall hanging base.

You will need:
4 yards of 1 1/2" White, True Blue Ribbon by Offray
4 yards of 1/4" Red Ribbon by Offray
3 packages of Aleene's Fabric Adhesive Sheets
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

3-9" x !2" craftcuts Eco-fi Plus, White by Kunin
1/2 yard of Eco-fi Plus, Red by Kunin
Heart Die by Laura Kelly for Sizzix
9 Buttons, Red, White by Laura Kelly for Buttons Galore
Westcott Brand scissors
Ruler, pencil, rotary cutter, cutting mat

1. Cut 6"pieces from each of the three ribbons, eighteen of each color. Since the die is slightly latger than the adhesive sheet, cut three of the sheets into four equal pieces. Peel off paper from one side of a full sheet and one of the smaller strips. Place side by side. Begin by placing a piece of ribbon across the center of the sheet. Leave a 1/4" space on either side and add the contrasting ribbon. Fill in the 1/4"spaces with the red ribbon.

2. Trim ribbon around edges. Die cut. Repeat for nine hearts.

3. From white felt cut five 6" squares and from the red, an 18" by 22" piece of red felt. Alternate the white squares on the red, glue in place.

4. Peel off the paper backing from each heart, adhere to center of each red and white square. Glue button to center of each heart. Flip wall hanging over and fold top over 3.5" Glue leaving a sleeve to insert a rod to hang.

Easy peasy 123! Hang and enjoy!

Thank you Offray!  Sign up for their newsletter filled with information on new products and projects! Receive a 15% discount code on first purchase when you do at Offray.com!

Follow the DCC button to check out the other creative ribbon designs!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Monday, 02 February 2015

February, sharing the love! The DCC blog hop connection, we are sharing the products and techniques we love! My favourite product to design with is felt, I love Kunin felt especially the new premium 8 oz. weight used in my house.  One of my favourite techniques has been needle felting. I live in Eastern Canada where it is a white winterland at least 5 months of the year. This inspires my design work, snowflakes, snowbabies, soft pastels and sparkle, these are a few of my favourite things!

 I created this snow scene for a magazine campaign about four years ago, a needle felt technique is used.  Handwork is both relaxing and rewarding. Full instructions.

So now that I have shared my favourite crafty things, find out what my other designer friends love! Hop along on the DCC button in the sidebar!

Happy crafting!


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Monday, 05 January 2015

The first Monday of the month we hop with the DCC, Designer Crafts Connection. This month's theme, favourite new product in 2014. I work regularly with the Kunin Group who manufacture felt from chipped up water bottles, millions of bottles every year! This past year they released their new premium felt, Eco-fi Plus, a heavy 8oz weight not only for crafting but for home decor and fashion. The felt is weather resistant, fade and mildew proof, it becomes softer when washed.

I have been creating all kinds of projects for my home from this new Eco-fi Plus felt. In the photograph above my new sewing machine cover. Because of the weight of the felt it stands on its own.

Such a quick easy project, here's how!
I measured the height, length and width of my machine using these measurements I cut two curved ends. I also cut one piece double the machine measurements. Using fabric glue I glued the ends to the straight piece on ether end. For embellishments I added  Tim Holtz  sewing die cut.

Below are some photos from the kitchen over the holidays, the window valance, mini Christmas trees

So now you know my favourite product of the year, check out my other designer frineds to find out theirs, just hop with the button in the sidebar!

Next week we are off the CHA Craft and Hobby Show in North America, Kunin Booth #401!

Happy crafting! Debra

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Tuesday, 02 December 2014

Here we go again, another fun blog hop with Laura Kelly and some other very cool bloggers! I love Laura's Hat die which will be released in January by Ellison/Sizzix. Her hat fits another Sizzix die, the Monkey. Kids love monkeys and this is Christmas crafting with kids so how about a Monkey ornament for the tree! Using Kunin's Presto felt die cut several monkey faces and hats in the different bright colors. Have a selection of buttons, trim and ribbon scraps for the kids to choose from.

Now let the fun begin, with the Presto felt the kids just have to peel off the back and stick down the felt. They get to choose the colors for the face and features, placement and discover how funny a monkey can be if his eyes are crooked, far apart or close together. Use a fabric marker to add their name to the hat brim. Easy peasy Christmas crafting! Keep a little bin for extra parts not used and for future crafting adventures!

Check out the rest of the Christmas Kid Crafting adventures! Linky in the sidebar! A cool contest too, Rafflecopter posted on Twitter, www.twitter.com/DebraQCEO.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy holiday crafting!


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