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 WheRe JOY ReSides! 

"JOY is often as simple as a wish whispered, gather the quiet of your heart and listen. The Universe holds your dreams!" 

Welcome to my life, my home, my studio where JOY resides, silliness occurs & Inspiration pops in leaving an embellished trail of creative delights! I believe life is simply a love story and to be journeyed with an open and grateful heart.

Born of my heart, my darling daughters. There are moments of beauty so profound they hold our soul captive in their radiance, such a moment is this photo part of an album the girls gave me one Christmas, filled with two sisters, two daughters, Love & JOY!

An Adoptive Mom, Love Lessons
I wrote this article about being an Adoptive Mom for Mombo TV.

I love my studio space, large sunlit windows, punches of pink, tools, fabrics, button jars, creativity abounds!

The changing Season's inspire a fresh view of the world each day & influence my design especially the long winters! "The frosty night air snaps with a crisp silence, the stars like crystals sparkle in a velvet landscape of midnight black. My breath hovers in the air frozen in a timeless moment. I pull the fluffy scarf around my face and search the darkness. The moon shimmers in the distance, a slice of pale gold in the darkness. The beauty solemn and serene of this night touches my soul with awe, my heart fills with JOY

I have always enjoyed writing and combining words with art. My friend, the talented Michelle Zimmerman created the dreamer clay box as a fun challenge for a few designer friends. I embellished mine with fabric, feathery wings and wrote a poem "the Dreamer."
Debra Quartermain Design
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Debra Quartermain Design
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