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Sunday, January 10 2021

Say Hello to Valentino, a dapper felt fox stuffie I designed in partnership with Fairfield World. I love their Poly-fil for making stuffies. I was inspired to create Valentino by my trip to Paris a few years ago. Want to make this charmer for yourself complete with beret and vest. Come along with me, ma cherie! 

You will need:

Step 1

Printable Patterns: Fox, Fox 2, Vest.  Print out patterns. Cut out fox pieces and lay out on folded piece of Copper Canyon as shown. Cut out around each piece. 

Step 2

Place body pieces together. Pin. Blanket stitch (tutorial) or machine stitch if preferred. Begin at top and stitch around coming up to within 2" of closing. Stuff body. Finish blanket stitching closed.

Step 3

Cut out white pattern pieces for Face, body, ears and tail. Blanket stitch white face front to one head piece. Stitch or insert eyes at this point. Stitch head pieces together, leave opening and stuff. Close opening. Stitch arm pairs and stuff. Stitch ear white fronts in place with a straight stitch.

Step 4

Stitch ears to top back of head on either side. Glue on nose. Straight stitch tail white piece in place. Place arms on either side of body and stitch back and forth through body pulling slightly. This will make them moveable. Glue or stitch on white body front. 

Step 5

Stitch or glue tail to back of body as shown.  Stitch head at top of body overlapping slightly. 

Step 6 

On the fold cut out a vest piece from Candy Pink. Striaght stitch side seams together and add decorative straight stitch around all edges. I used red. In my craft stash I had sticky back little felt hearts and added those to the vest. You can also cut them out of felt scraps. 

Step 7

To make the beret, cut a strip 1" by 12" from red felt. Cut another strip 3" by 18".  Fold the narrow strip in half and glue. Sew a gathering stitch along both edges of wider strip. Pull stitches tight on one edge. Secure. On the other side pull stitches to fit band. Glue to band. Clips or pins will help to hold in place. Glue seam together. Cut a small heart or use a button to cover hole in top of beret. Glue in place. 

Now the fun part, dress Valentino or Valentina if you prefer. This would be a fun surprise for a special valentine. Not reccommended for a young child under three but suitable for older children.  The premium felt is a heavier weight. Valentino the felt fox stands about 12" in height and I used some fun 18" doll accessories in his Valentine display. My grandlittle girls will love him. I will probably be making a couple more at least!  Hand stitching is very relaxing. You can just be comfortable, have a good light and stitch away. 


Thank you for visiting my Valentino the Felt Fox. Felt is an easy medium to work with and Fairfield World has the best poly-fil stuffing. Check out the other Fairfield January stuffie designs by talented designer/blogger friends!

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Posted by Joan on 01/11/2021 - 11:57 PM
Looking for fox pattern download links but cannot find them.
Posted by Debra Quartermain on 01/12/2021 - 01:13 AM
Joan, My apologies. Patterns did not load correctly. Please see links under STEP 1 to print PDF patterns. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Posted by Joan on 01/12/2021 - 02:21 AM
Debra, I thought that might be it. I have them now, just need to round up enough felt. :)

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