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Wednesday, July 15 2020


Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Did you know he turns 40 this month! We are celebrating with The Creative Crafts Collaborative, link in sidebar to all of the bloggers involved! I am celebrating two birthdays with a mini version of Harry Potter Inspired Felt Crafts to fit  our new Birman kitten Rory's four month birthday this month too! We are kitten smitten around here with our first pet in many years. I am also a big Harry Potter fan too so this was too perfect!

Harry was a member of the House of Gryffindor so of course Rory is too! I created a setting for Rory using Kunin Felt. A crest of course, school tie, sorting hat and a Book of Spells. The glasses are made from a soft chenille stem, looked super cute on Rory for two seconds and then became a chew toy. His four month birthday is going to be extra special! 


Let's get started!

You will need:

Kunin Classicfelt 9" x 12" craft cuts: 1 of each, Red, Yellow, Walnut, scrap of white

Kunin Premium Felt 12" x 18" craft cut: 1 Cashmere Tan

Joy SA Applique Letters

Beacon Fabri-tac

10" soft elastic 

Permanent fine tip marker, black






I did a search on Pinterest for an easy crest shape for a guide. By folding the red craft cut in half lengthwise you can trace a simple curve outline and cut it folded. 



Place cut red piece still folded on yellow lining up fold with edge of felt piece. Draw around the half shape in yellow. Cut out and then cut yellow piece in half again to alternate crest piece colors. Glue in place. Use fine tip marker to create stitch lines. 


Again searching on Pinterest there are many sorting hat and tie patterns. The sorting hat pattern from Popsugar. There is a cute felt tie pattern over at Wild and Wonderful.  I drew mine out on a piece of paper so I could adjust the sizes some. The tie is a little long for Rory, the idea was to keep him posing with treats but he couldn't see the treats over the tie length. He still sat and then laid down, he likes the Book of Spells, I think it must be the soft felt or the box I used. (His kitty food came in it. ;)



Cut out two sorting hats from the walnut craft cut. Glue along edges leaving bottom open. Stuff with scrap felt to stand or if you have a very quiet cat, it would fit with added elastic. Our kitten was okay with the tie but a big no to the hat and glasses. Cut out one tie and a double triangle piece for a collar. Glue white triangle piece behind tie. Cut narrow strips of red fronm left over scraps. Glue to tie. Glue an elastic piece to back of tie. Measure around neck and tie so it is loose and easy to slip on and off. Rory got his off just fine by himself. 



The Book of Spells was the easiest! Rory's kitten cans come in this cardboard case. It measures about 7" by 10". I simply wrapped the 12" by 18" craft cut around the box, and glued. It has a 1" overhang on either end. It is open at the back. Glued in place. Added the Letters to the side and a larger H to the crest. 

These pieces would be suitable for dolls or to use in a birthday setting. Making larger ties to wear and creating Book of Spells Treat bags. 


Rory looks very handsome as a House of Gryffindor member. 


I think Rory at this point in the photo shoot was looking for spell of his own. 

Check out all the crafty Harry Potter posts with the Creative Crafts Collaborative, link in the sidebar as we celebrate Harry Potter crafts all week!  Thanks Laura and Meg!  Enter to win some awesome prizes! 


Want to see more of Rory, catch him on Instagram, @reignofrory. You can follow me too. 😊
Thanks for coming by!



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Posted by Beth on 07/15/2020 - 02:01 PM
Debra, this is such FUN and I love the collar and tie on Rory!
Posted by Caitlin Kimes on 07/19/2020 - 12:08 AM
This is so creative and cute! Thank you for sharing and participating this week! It is so fun to see all of the magical crafts!
Posted by Debra on 07/19/2020 - 08:27 AM
Thank you Caitlin!

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